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Leadership Team

Meet our Rabbi, and other Leaders

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William Hepfner Th.D.


Our Jewish-born leader, Dr. William Hepfner, grew up being referred to as  "Little Moses." This Nickname was the result of having been left on the doorstep of the Hepfner family, in a wicker basket at the age of 3 months (just like Moses was left in the bulrushes at 3 months). Within the following year, the Hepfner family adopted him. Throughout his lifetime, William attended various denominational and non-denominational Churches until he received the Lord in 1980 and became Baptized with the infilling of the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Hepfner earned a B.Th. degree from an Oral Roberts University's Extension Fellowship program. After 12 years of serving as a Christian Pastor (and earning both an M.Th and Th.D. Degree) the Lord called him to learn and teach the “Jewish Roots of Christianity to both Jew and Gentile.” Today, his ministry includes services for Messianic Jews on Saturday, and regular services for Christians on Sunday. In addition, he has been sought after as a Guest Speaker and has designed successful Seminars for those wishing to learn about how the Old and New Testaments actually fit together in harmony as "God's True Living Word For Today." 

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Regina (Gina) Hepfner B.Th.

Associate Pastor

Pastor Gina has a special gift of ministering to the women of the Church that have been abused and belittled during their youth. She came from a dysfunctional household and has had to deal with many issues. She uses God's wisdom that taught her how to overcome fear, hatred, abuse, and disappointment. But most importantly, she specializes in teaching hurt and angry women how to forgive.

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