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2020 Message Archive

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Rabbi William Hepfner

12/26... Scroll down to Guest Speaker box

                   Gary Semmel

12/19... Found in Feasts, Festivals & Special Events box

                   Holiday Message and Play

                   "Commercially Cultural Holiday"

12/12... "Truth About Messiah's Birth"

                   vaYeshev (and Jacob settled)

12/05... Scroll down to Guest Speakers box

                   Daniel Juster

Series: "Keys to Generous Living" Found in Sermon Series bos

11/28... "Keys to Generous Living" Pt 4

                   vaYetse (and Jacob went out)

11/21... "Keys to Generous Living" Pt 3

                   Tol'dot (generations)

11/14... "Keys to Generous Living" Pt 2

                   Chayei Sarah (life of Sarah)

11/07... "Keys to Generous Living" Pt 1

                   vaYera (and Adonai appeared)

Image by Robinson Recalde

Guest Speakers

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Feasts, Festivals & Special Events

Image by Jason D

Sermon Series:
Keys to Generous Living

11/28... "Covenant Relationship"

11/21... "Expressions of Loyalty"

11/14... "Allegiance to God"

11/07... "Expressions of Trust"

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